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Group Management FAQs

Adding Users
In the section below entitled Enrolled Users, click the Users dropdown then select one of the following options.
Option 1: Add One – Select this option to add a single user. A pop-up will appear, select Add and Invite User and fill in the user’s First Name, Last Name and Email address.
Option 2: Add Multiple – To add multiple users at once select Add Multiple, this will bring up the Bulk Invite screen. Enter users’ First and Last Name and Email address.
Option 3: Upload Users – To add users in bulk with a CSV file, click the Users dropdown then select Upload Users and upload a CSV file. The Upload Users form has options similar to those described above, with one major difference. When uploading a CSV file, you can choose not send an email to the list of users you are uploading. You might want to do this if you plan to distribute enrollment keys to your users some other way.

For the bulk upload to work properly, a CSV file formatted with the following column order and headings must be used: user_email; user_pass; first_name; last_name.  CSV files that have incorrect formatting of email addresses, column names, etc will not be uploaded. You can download a sample file here:  group_management_user_upload (.CSV file, 74 bytes). If the user_pass cells are blank, a random password will be used, but the column heading should still be included. A column for “username” can optionally be included as the first column but is not required; if it exists but is left blank, username will default to the email address.

Tip: CSV files created and saved from some versions of MS Excel for Windows can sometimes add special characters that prevent the file from being uploaded.  Platforms like Google Sheets work well with the bulk upload function and tend to avoid formatting issues found with various spreadsheet programs.

Option 4: Download Keys – To download a full list of enrollment keys to be used for manual tracking, reporting, and distribution, simply click Users > Download Keys and you will begin downloading a CSV file.  This list is the current list of unassigned keys for that group.  This list is updated when the number of seats is initially set for the group and when additional users and seats are added or removed from the Group.

Adding Additional Group Leaders
Adding more Group Leaders to your Group is even easier than adding users.  Click the Add Group Leader button. Fill out the first name, last name, and email address of the person you would like to add. If you enter the email address of an existing user, the form will not alter the First Name and Last Name fields of that user, but will add them as a Group Leader, and send them a welcome email. If the user you added as Group Leader is new, they will be sent an email welcoming them to the site and the Group

Buying Additional Seats.
Step One: In the section below entitled Enrolled Users, click the Add Seats button. This will take you to the Cart page where you can purchase additional seats. New seats will automatically be added to your current group.