B Corp University Edition – For Educators

$29.95 / Seat

This course is designed for educators seeking to equip their students with an understanding of what a B Corp is and how B Corps are using business as a force for good. Use this 1-hour, self-guided course in the classroom, as supplementary curriculum, or an asynchronous learning experience for your students beyond the classroom!

If you are an educator purchasing B Corp Basics for your class or group of students, please include a seat for yourself when calculating the total number of seats you wish to purchase.

Special Rates based on # of Seats Purchased – price reflected at checkout

10-50 seats receive 10% off
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500+ seats receive 25% off

B Corp Basics- University Edition For Educators

Looking to use B Corp Basics- University Edition with students in your classroom? Check out these added benefits:

  • Access to all B Corp Basics- University Edition course features
  • Ability to add a custom number of seats based on class size
  • Ability to track, review, and manage student progress and assignments
  • A free PDF copy of B Corp Basics- University Edition: Kickstarter Kit, a supplementary learning curriculum with 4 hours-worth of learning activities and discussion topics built for university educators